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Quinlan Associates provides highly specialized senior executive search consulting services to Venture Capital firms and operating companies in the high tech industry.

Our competitive advantage is our strong research orientation and ability to maintain a laser focus, taking on only a small number of searches at any time, which allows us to identify and recruit the RIGHT people in the shortest period of time (really!) As such, we work primarily on executive level search projects that have critical, time sensitive status.

Quinlan Associates utilizes a "best-practices" approach that flexes to the requirements and priorities of our clients.

With experience in almost every recruiting environment: large retained, boutique retained, contingency, venture capital, contract recruitment, and in consulting for other executive search firms, we have developed a recruiting process and philosophy based on the accumulation of these experiences, which allows us to most effectively and efficiently recruit senior executives.

We operate on the principals of combining a strong, well-organized search execution plan, which includes:

  • Strong research orientation and out-of-the-box thinking. (We want to introduce you to candidates you don't already know!)
  • Best-practices learned from decades of experience in every recruiting environment, from retained to contingency to venture capital. (Each of these carries nuances of differences in search execution. We have developed a search practice that blends the best practices of each, while eliminating inefficiencies and other elements that prevent successful and time-sensitive search execution.)
  • Good communication, well understood and agreed upon objectives and expectations. (Some of the most common impediments to a successful search derive from miscommunication.)

And, in addition to a well-organized search execution plan, our personal styles also help us attain successful results:

  • Tenacity and persistence balanced with common sense and sensitivity to the candidates and sources we are contacting.
  • A dedication and commitment to leaving no stone unturned
  • Intelligent, informative, and strategic approach. (We take the perspective that you may only have one chance with a highly qualified candidate and therefore attempt to identify any possible objections or concerns BEFORE we make the first contact.)
  • Well-crafted positioning of the opportunity. (We understand the importance of selling the opportunity and positioning it in a way that will interest A-players who are "happy where I am.")
  • And always, the belief that it is critical to represent you in the most professional way.

For more information please contact: deb [at] quinlanassociates.com

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